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Wis. Stat. 230.35(1m)(f)

Summary Title

Workers’ Benefits: Leave for Disaster Relief Services


A public employee who obtains approved leave to participate in specialized disaster relief services will not lose their eligibility for annual leave of absence without loss of pay.

Full Title

State office hours; standard workweek; leaves of absence; holidays

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(f) The continuous service of an employee eligible for annual leave under this subsection shall not be considered interrupted if the employee was on an approved leave of absence to participate in providing specialized disaster relief services or if the employee leaves the service and is reemployed by the state in another position covered under this subsection. Employees appointed to career executive positions under s. 230.24 or positions designated in s. 19.42 (10) (L) or 20.923 (4), (7), (8), or (9) or authorized under s. 230.08 (2) (e) are not subject to the continuous service requirements under sub. (1) (g) if they are reemployed in any of those positions, regardless of the duration of their absence. If the employees are reemployed in a position other than a career executive position or a position designated in s. 19.42 (10) (L) or 20.923 (4), (7), (8), or (9) or authorized under s. 230.08 (2) (e), continuous service shall be established in accordance with rules of the administrator.